Gold Website Features

The major difference between Gold and our other packages is Competitor Analysis.  Just like in sports, it is important to study your opponents.  We can let you know what your competition is doing better than you, giving you the “home field advantage.”  We then target the most profitable keywords to help your website attract more visits and potentially more sales to your company.

Study Your Competition

Compete with other business by learning from their playbook.

Your company most likely is in competition with several other businesses, all targeting the same customers. Unfortunately, the other company’s websites have existed longer and thereby have an advantage in the eyes of Google. Plus, they probably have built up more backlinks and have succeeded in ranking for many more Keywords over the years.

By Using special Keyword Research Software, we can find out what your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses are. Then we create a Keyword focused program from our analysis that targets the Keywords that are actually being searched and the ones your competition has ignored. Doing so gives your new website the chance at bringing in extra customers.

Target 5 Keywords

Focusing on more keywords adds to your competitive advantage.

More Keywords, More Clients. Some of your competitors are probably ahead of you when it comes to targeting keywords. But the good news is that we find many websites targeting the WRONG keywords. This is really prevalent with technical words. You know what they mean, but your customers search for words most people can understand.

Spending time targeting the Keywords that aren’t being searched for is a total waste of time. By careful analysis we then focus your on and off page SEO to the Keywords that actually work and bring in valuable customers. With a 5 Keyword Focused approach, we can market to more clients and help bring more traffic to your newly created website.


Get more features and create a Professional and Unique Website.

Our Gold Web Design Package comes with the most flexibility in added features and design qualities. When you want a more professional design sometimes it’s the little things that count. But because they are little, sometimes that means more tedious and therefore more time consuming. This website package allows for that extra time to do it right.

Your customization begins with a longer initial consultation. You will be asked for all your needs and expectations of your new website and come up with a design that will not only be attractive and professional, but easy to navigate with User Experience as a main focus.

Website Feature List

Our Gold Web Design Package Includes


We would love to help you with any questions concerning your existing website or how to get started with your very first web development project.