Bronze Website Features

The Bronze Web Design Package includes everything you will need to get started including Domain Name, Hosting, Email and more, all in a great looking web design.


Affordable without sacrificing important website features.

Do NOT fall for ads promoting websites dirt cheap. With prices that low they most certainly are NOT “Made In Mandurah”.  And they probably don’t include any or enough SEO to promote your website.  We don’t cut corners but can still offer a Great Website at a Great Price.

Target 1 Keyword

We research which main Keyword will benefit your company most.

Although you are on a budget, it’s extremely important not to just throw in a few pictures and call it a day. We research for the single most important Keyword that clients are searching for and then focus your website’s content and SEO to target that Keyword to help improve results.

Plenty Of Features

Plenty of important features plus Colour Matching to Your Logo

Even with our most budget friendly Web Design Package, we want you to be happy with the results. You will get Colour Matching to your Logo Design, Working Contact Form, and Personalize Email for a great Professional Website you can be proud of.

Website Feature List

The Bronze Web Design Package Includes


We would love to help you with any questions concerning your existing website or how to get started with your very first web development project.