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Web Design and Development

Coastal Website Designs understand that a website needs to be tailored to each individual company since like fingerprints, no two business are exactly alike. We match the marketing program of a business with one of our affordable Web Design Packages, then add more Custom Features to create a unique web site for each client.

Building Your Web Site -What to Expect

From the moment you place your trust in Coastal Website Designs to create your website we want you to feel comfortable in your decision. This starts from educating our customers on the web design and development process. Your businesses web site will be the cornerstone of all of your marketing and promotion of your business. Because of this importance, we want you to know what to expect in the process of building your web site and how it will create the foundation of your marketing plan.

Number 1

Initial Consultation

Regardless if you are a local company and need a website in Perth, the surrounding areas such as Mandurah or Rockingham, or somewhere else in Australia, we must start off on the same page...pun intended! Websites for Perth clients can have a face to face consultation and will be arranged at a time to best suit you. Busy clients in Perth or businesses located throughout Australian can have their one on one meeting via phone, email, or Skype. You should expect at least one hour of Consultation for basic Web Design Packages, with more time devoted for the more complex and Premium Web Design Packages.

Number 2

Web Site Design Homework

Coastal Website Designs works hard for their customers, but to get us started we need a little homework from you. We have developed a questionnaire that you will be asked about details of your company, company colours, design preferences, how many pages you need and so on. The input and details you provide during our initial consultation and your questionnaire, will not only speed the creation of your web design, but will help us produce you a better quality and functional web site.

Number 3

Web Design - The Creative Process

This is the stage that our web designers at Coastal Website Designs focus their creative juices on how you want your company to be presented to the world. With how your company should be marketed in the back of our minds, we now search for matching images, plan your web site's look and feel, match your company colours, create logos, and much more. At the end of this stage you will be asked to approve the design for completion. We want you to be completely happy with the look and feel of what we have created for you, as changes after this approval will result in additional fees.

Number 4

Fine Tuning Your Web Design

The development of your Web Site continues with the final gathering of important information, purchasing of images or arranging photo shoots. We gather and verify associations and affiliations with other companies that will be included in your design, and with their authorization link their web site with yours. The copywriting process begins, with emphasis on Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. Google and other search engines LOVE content. Better content in your web design, produces higher results with the search engines, a definite plus when it comes to building your web site.

Number 5

Web Site Assembly

Down to the nitty gritty. Yes this is where the geek and techy stuff occurs like computer programming and coding with such things as HTML and CSS. Graphic Design work which includes image enhancement, image re-sizing, and graphic or image creations are produced for insertion to your web site. And finally debugging and testing your web design so that it works flawlessly.

Number 6

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Having a web page is of little value if no one finds you amongst the millions of other companies. The sole purpose of your web design is to drive traffic to your site, with an end result of gaining new customers and creating sales. Coastal Website Designs have put together Search Engine Optimization or SEO packages to add to your web design, to enhance your chances of being found on the World Wide Web. This stage adds the Search Engine Package and the final testing of your site is performed.

Number 7

Your Web Design is Launched

Congratulations! Your new web design is ready! After your final approval, we let the world see who you are. It has been a great journey and hopefully you are as proud of your new Web Site Design as we are. At final delivery we also help you if needed in setting up your personalized email accounts and answer any other questions your might have.

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