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Search Engine Optimization - What is SEO?

The Importance of SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most important additions to any Web Design, and cannot be taken lightly. Unfortunately, if you ask fifty Web Designers about Search Engine Optimization, you will probably get as many answers and a lot of technological jargon.

This can be confusing and frustrating when trying to make the right decision as to which Website Design company you are going to use, and as to how much money you are going to have to spend. At Coastal Website Designs we try to help our customers decide what they need by first leaving out the jargon and spelling out the pros and cons of SEO.

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If You Build It...WILL They Come???

That's a good question. And the most likely answer is Probably Not! Without any Search Engine Optimization you most likely will be sitting by the phone waiting a LONG TIME before someone actually finds your new Web Design. Without personally advertising your new Domain Name, it is unlikely you will show up amongst the millions of other web sites on the internet.

The long and short of Search Engine Optimization is that you need "some" SEO to get people pointed to your Domain Name. Without SEO it's kind of like the saying "If a tree falls in the woods...will anyone hear it"? In this case, will anyone see it?

Search Engine Optimization - A Brief Description

Search Engine Optimization is essentially part art and part science. This is due partly by the fact that even Web Designers are not told the exact way Google and other search engines do their job. This sounds funny that there is some mystery tied to the process, but Search Engine Companies don't want their competition knowing which mathematical algorithms they use for indexing and ranking web sites.

And let's face it, if everyone knew exactly how to rank #1 in Google that wouldn't be possible as there is only one "Number One"! And an important note about companies promising a number one placement in Google. Even Google says that NO ONE can promise that. So if a Website Design Company is making those promises, you might want to look elsewhere for your Website Design.

One thing we do know is that the most important process we can take in Search Engine Optimization is providing Quality Content which is relevant to your company. Quality Content plus writing the underlying HTML and associated code or programming of a Web Design are the key to good Search Engine Optimization. This process then allows Search Engines to:

  • Find Your Web Site
  • Index Your Web Site
  • Determine Your Web Site's Relevance
  • Rank Your Web Site
  • Make Your New Web Design Easy for Others to Find

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Google Rankings Can't Be Guaranteed

How Google Search Works

Good Search Engine Optimization Practices - "The White Hat Approach"

A White Top Hat with Red word SEO representing White Hat Search Engine Optimization Practices

Coastal Website Designs ONLY uses "White Hat" Practices in regards to Search Engine Optimization. Google which is the largest and most widely used search engine, as well as other major search engine companies have laid out guidelines for Web Designers to use in Web Development, in order to create a fair playing field for all websites to be found on the internet. You can be confident in choosing Coastal Website Designs as we always uses these best practices in all of our Search Engine Optimization.

Black Hat SEO - Buyers Beware

A Black Top Hat with White word SEO representing Black Hat Search Engine Optimization Practices

Unfortunately many unethical Web Designers have "gone to the dark side", and try to manipulate search results by using unfair practices. Why is this important for you to know? Because when, not if, search engines like Google find this out they can remove your top ranking in search engine results, or Remove Your Website Altogether From Their Indexes! Hardly something you want to happen after spending thousands of dollars on your new Website Design.

Search Engine Optimization - How Much Do I Need?

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There is no question that Search Engine Optimization is Very Time Consuming and therefore can be expensive. Large companies have full time SEO teams constantly adjusting their Web Design since Google and other Search Engines constantly change their algorithms and criteria for ranking websites. But the average small business doesn't need to spend thousands of dollars per year just for additional SEO. Check out our Affordable Web Design and SEO Packages or feel free to Contact Coastal Website Designs to discuss your specific needs for Search Engine Optimization.

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