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Logos, Images and Photos

A Picture Says a Thousand Words...This couldn't be more true in Web Design. Alongside with great content, your website needs to quickly display who you are and why your visitors need you, and to top it off, you need to accomplish this in SECONDS. The foundation for your company branding is your Logo and usually the first thing people notice when they arrive at your website. Coastal Website Designs can help you with all your Logo and Graphics needs to build a dynamic great looking web site.

Logos - The Foundation of your Company Branding

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Your Logo, Business Name, and Domain Name all tie together creating your Company Branding and lay down the foundation of all of your marketing materials for your new business. Your Logo provides a perception to potential customers as to your integrity, professionalism, embedding an image to remember you by. Your goal is to make those potential customers feel you are the only one that has a solution to their problems. Coastal Website Designs can help new businesses create a Logo Design that is modern and professionally showcases your company.

Images and Graphic Design

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One Size Doesn't Fit All. Especially true when each Website Design needs to be unique and match the companies branding. Coastal Website Designs realizes your Web Design needs to look great and modern but sometimes certain graphics and images need to be enhanced or changed just a little to suit their placement on your website. We pride ourselves in the ability to provide our customers a great looking site that doesn't look like a cheap template, yet still at an affordable price.


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Without great photos and images, your Web Design would look pretty boring. And we mean good quality pictures, not poorly lit and taken from a mobile phone. (Sorry mobile phone users) Your photos placed on your new Web Design need to be of high resolution, tastefully done, with lighting and colour adjustments worthy of advertising. Coastal Website Designs can use Professional Stock Photos that not only look great but extremely affordable, or help arrange for a professional photographer for a photo shoot of your premisses. You should avoid using poor quality photos at all costs, as visitors at your new website can be very critical. If you don't live up to their expectation in regards to how professional you look...you will loose those potential customers.

Photo Enhancement

Old Photos with camera needing Photo Restoration

Photos, like Graphics are not always perfect. If you have photographs that must go into your new Web Design, but are not quite as good as they should be, Coastal Website Designs has the ability to retouch or airbrush your photos to bring them back to life. Even if those photos are decades old, say to show off an original store front, we can usually bring that photograph back to brand new or near brand new through modern technology. This includes cracks, missing pieces, yellowing, fading, or lack of adequate lighting. Contact Coastal Website Designs for any Photo Enhancement or Photo Restoration needs you might have.

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