About Coastal Website Designs

The Perth Australia Skyline at sunset where Coastal Website Designs was founded

Our Mission:

"Helping Small Businesses Succeed With Affordable Website Design"

The cornerstone of the economy is small to medium size businesses. But without help, especially in these trying times, many have not or will not survive. We can sympathise with their struggles and as such knew we had to market a product that is essential to have and was affordable for most to buy. Because of the complexity of Web Design, it opens the doors for companies to legitimately and not so legitimately charge huge prices.

There are absolutely Websites that are worth the ten's of thousands of dollars, as the level of expertise and time to develop warrant such costs. Unfortunately, those Web Design costs are just not in most small business budgets, which places them between a rock and a hard space. We firmly believe that ALL businesses need a We Ssite as the foundation of their Marketing Program, but see too many that have gone without because of the cost and not understanding how important their Web Site and company branding are.

Because of our desire to help other businesses not only stay in business but grow to a level they are comfortable with, we are constantly developing systems the minimize the time spent on Web Development whilst providing a professional and functional Web Design that clients can be proud of.

Coastal Website Designs will strive to provide an Affordable Web Design to new start up businesses as well as established companies that never thought to have a Web Site, so they can survive and thrive even in trying economies.

Two Pelicans swimming in Mandurah, Western Australia

About Us

Coastal Website Designs is a located south of Perth, Western Australia in the coastal town of Mandurah. Regardless if your company is located in Perth, Mandurah, Rockingham, Bunbury, or as far east as Sydney, Melbourne, or Australia wide, we have the means to provide out clients with a great personalized Web Design service.

Our company prides itself on honesty and integrity with customer service first and foremost as the key to our success. Our team at Coastal Website Designs strive to give our clients the best experience as they build and promote their company.

We provide our clients a personalized approach to creating their Web Design, and try to help market their company as if it were our own. At Coastal Website Designs you are never just a number. We want you to feel that you have made a good choice in your Web Designer and that we always have your best interest at heart.

The founders of Coastal Website Designs bring decades of business, marketing, customer service and computer knowledge to offer out clients a well rounded approach to their marketing needs. Your Web Design Package is more than just pictures and text, and needs to represent you and your company, professionally and precisely.

We hope you will choose us for all your Web Design and Web Hosting needs and look forward to doing business with you.

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